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Small expected to sell in new units

Developers and builders are to launch NT$200 billion (US$6.66 billion) of presale projects and new homes in the traditional “hot sales” season that starts on Sept. 28 this year, with small apartments the focal point, the online housing unit of Addcn Technology Co Ltd (數字科技) said in a report.

Government-led urban renewal projects are expected to dominate northern Taiwan, while improving confidence is to underpin the market in the south of the nation during the month-long season, which usually starts in the middle of September.

New construction volume might approach NT$30 billion in Taipei, where a residential complex of nearly 1,000 ping (3,305.8m2) in Wenshan District (文山) is to contribute NT$8 billion alone, the report said.

The complex will offer units of between 25 ping and 55 ping.

Chong Hong Construction Co (長虹建設) is pairing up with one of its peers to offer residential apartments of 28 ping and 68 ping in Taipei’s Zhongshan District (中山).

In New Taipei City, Kindom Construction Corp (冠德建設) will launch a presale project on the site of the former Sindian (新店) administration hall that features mixed-use buildings with residential space priced at NT$700,000 per ping, the report said.

Li Shinn Asset Management Group (立信機構) has NT$4 billion in new housing projects in Banciao District (板橋), while its rivals have two to four-bedroom apartments priced at NT$400,000 per ping, according to the report.

Taichung has the largest volume of homes and projects of the six special municipalities, at NT$50 billion, as property funds flow into central Taiwan, it said.

Cathay Real Estate Development Co (國泰建設), Pau Jar Group (寶佳機構), Ho Yi Construction Co (和宜建設) and Herzu Construction Co (和築建設) all plan to unveil projects in Taichung this month or next.

Listed developers are expected to increase their presence in southern Taiwan with new projects valued at NT$17 billion, the report said.

In Tainan, Highwealth Construction Corp (興富發) has a presale project with 1,100 residential units, which is expected to generate NT$6.5 billion in revenue, it said.

King’s Town Construction Co (京城建設) plans to turn a plot of land of nearly 1,000 ping into a residential complex, while Kuoyang Construction Co (國揚建設) is adding townhouses, the report said.

Taipei-based developer JSL Group (甲山林) is to make its debut in Kaohsiung by launching two projects that could total NT$5 billion in sales, while Highwealth is expected to offer a large residential complex with 500 apartments of between 22 ping and 39 ping near the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts (高雄市立美術館), the report said.